What are the best mobile credit card reader for smartphones or more specifically what is the best credit card reader for Android? Read and find out!
Modern smartphones can do just about anything, however, not many people know how easily they can replace the old cash registers and allow you to instantly accept credit and debit cards. All you need is a smartphone or Android tablet and a suitable credit card reader.

Wondering what are the best mobile credit card readers for smartphones?

There are solutions that focus mainly on startups, small businesses, and occasional users, while other solutions cater to more specific and demanding customers. Because of that, there is a significant price disparity among credit card readers and swipers for Android.We have chosen the top 3 mobile credit card readers:
1.PayPal 4029USRTAM Here V2 Mobile Card Reader – PayPal is one of the most popular online payment methods used worldwide. This online payment system has more than 190 million users who use the service to buy items online, transfer money across borders, and receive money from employers. The business owners can use PayPal Here to turn their mobile devices into a fast payment solution. The PayPal Here is a mobile payment system that includes a free mobile application and a card-reader that plugs directly into a smartphone. This combination allows you to accept credit and debit cards, track cash, send invoices, and check payments. It takes a few minutes for money to be transferred to your account and you can easily manage and view your sales history from the PayPal Here app. The same app allows you to text and email custom receipts and add multiple users on a single device.
PayPal Here app
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2. POS Simplicity Complete Point of Sale POS System – The main goal of POS Simplicity is to offer retail businesses a customizable and highly effective POS system at a reasonable price, allowing them to develop and grow through having a more effective POS system while cutting costs. This system comes with a table stand, a fast receipt printer, and a cash register drawer. The system has a few software plans you can choose from and the cheapest one starts at $39 per month. The software has been fully optimized for Android, ensuring a problem-free user experience.
3. Datio Point of Sale Base Station & cash Register – Although this credit card reader is officially made for iPad, we agree that you should know about Dation as you are likely to use sooner or later. This software system is officially certified to Appleā€™s MFI hardware requirement and comes with a scanner, drawer, credit card reader, and printer. Apart from the initial purchase of the hardware, you will have to pay $49 per month for updates, monthly software, and service. The iOS application for the POS solution support reliable, fast, and secure transactions. It also comes with a detailed reporting, color tagging, and other special options including sales associates to track sales and employees. It is really too bad it works with iOs devices only and we hope that the company will add Android support in near future. Until that happens, you can buy an iPad or simply go with a different POS provider.
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Are you interested in using any of these credit card readers? What do you think of these credit card readers? If you think that implementing a credit card reader for Android is a great strategy for your business, we recommend you to do it as soon as possible and keep up with the trends on the market.
In order to choose the best credit card reader for Android or iPad, analyze, compare prices and features, and come up with a smart decision that will help you move your business to the next level.

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