To remain competitive in today’s market, retail POS system is a necessary item for any cafe. A right choice of point of sales terminal can help you deal with tracking inventory; insights about which is the highest selling item and help manage your business.

What Do Cafes Need From Their POS Systems?

Features that most cafes and coffee shops require from point of sales software are not very common to standard restaurants. Let’s take a brief look at some of the areas where a right POS system can bring a difference in operations – between messy and modern.

Easy to Customize Orders

Mostly cafes take customized orders from their customers. It has never been easier to get the correct orders with cafe point of sales software- that includes modified options now. You can either add or remove any ingredient of coffee drink just by touching the screen.

Economical design

Cafe and coffee shop owners know the value of their counter space. Contrast to bulky cash registers or even a traditional point of sales terminal, iPad POS systems made for cafes need a very little space. Thus allows you to keep your counters clean and improves workflow.

Bring more customers

Nobody wants to be late for their offices just for a cup of coffee. Coffee shops and cafes can’t afford long and slow queues. For this purpose, you need a point of sales software that is able to place complex orders with click of a button, customers can sign digital card slips and finally take orders and payments across the line with a handheld device.

Customer loyalty programs

Being a cafe owner, you get repeat customers – who prefer to have their morning coffee from your cafe on daily basis. With the right point of sales software, you can manage digitally an automatically-tracked customer loyalty program that will reward customers with free gifts or discounts.

Inventory tracking

A smooth cafe runs on basis of accurate information of what and when to order more. A cafe point of sales terminal doesn’t only tell you about how much coffee drink is being sold out but also let you know about shortage of supplies so you know when to reorder.

The Best POS Systems for Cafes

  • Shopkeep
  • TouchBistro
  • Revel
  • HarborTouch
  • Toast


As a cafe owner, you need to look for a point of sales software including features that are tailored to the requirements of cafes and coffee shops.